Friday, 1 June 2007

See you soon...

When will we meet again?
When we finally touch
will we linger on the so longued kiss,
My eyes in your eyes,
My hands in your hands,
My hips against yours,
Our bodies moving slowly
in that dancing motion
that ancient rythm
that known beat?
Or will we rush into each others arms,
Hands in a frenzy,
A hunger to touch
and hold
and feel,
To grasp life in just one go,
what a striking notion,
to drink from your lips
the nectar of love
to feel from my hips
and see through my eyes
what's been waiting inside,
to release all wish,
all want,
all sorrow,
surrender to desire,
Walk in a thin wire.
And so I ask myself
what will it be
when it comes a time
for you and me?