Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Where You Are

Where you are
So am I
Because you are my heart beat
If I am a traveller
Then you are the place where the road ends
If I am thirsty
Then you are the only water that can fulfil my thirst
And keep me alive
If I am a desert
You are my oasis
You are with me
Every second of every day
You are the only wish
I pray would come true

You are the only song
My ears desire to hear
And your face is the only thing
My eyes like to see
Your waist is the only thing
My arms want to hold
Your lips are the only ones
I long to kiss
Your body may be near or far
But you are always on my mind
Every night I wish that I could wake up
Only to find you in my arms
You come to me in my dreams
And you hold me close
You are the sunshine that comes through the mist
And brightens my day

If I close my eyes
I can almost touch you
And even though you are not here
I am with you
Where you are

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